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I’m a twit!

It’s official: I’m a twit.

Not a twerp, or a moron, or a ninny, simpleton, doofus or nincompoop, mind you. A twit.

That’s what they call people on Twitter, right?

I’m new to the whole thing…sort of. I tried to sign up for it two days ago and discovered I already had an account. I’d created it six years ago. Yesterday, I tweeted for the first time. I guess I’m a late bloomer.

To make my Twitter account a bit different from my blog, I’ll tweet capsule reviews, random thoughts, links to interesting articles/interviews, and anything else that’s completely (ir)relevant to my blog. A few of my most recent tweets will appear in a Twitter feed in my blog’s sidebar, but if you missed something, look for GregOsadec on Twitter.

I’ll probably tweet more frequently than I blog because 140 characters is more in line with my attention span, and I promise that every one of the 140 characters will be loaded with mind-blowing profundity, head-scratching intellectualism, gut-busting hilarity, or eye-rolling mediocrity.

Please be patient with me while I figure out how Twitter works and what it’s all about. 48 hours ago I thought “hashtag” was what they smoke in Morocco, so I’m definitely making progress.

See you in the Twit-o-sphere!

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