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Leonard Nimoy, 1931-2015

Leonard Nimoy has Boldly Gone

Sad news for all of us today. Leonard Nimoy, the galaxy’s favourite pointy-eared Vulcan, passed away at age 83.

Though he’ll be greatly missed, his presence can still be felt in original Star Trek TV series, the six films featuring the original cast, the Star Trek reboot (2009), the original Mission: Impossible TV series, as well as memorable episodes of The Simpsons, The Twilight Zone, and The Outer Limits. Two performances of his which are less often mentioned, but are among my personal favourites, are as Dr. David Kibner in the 1978 remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and his recurring role as Dr. William Bell in Fringe. In addition to acting, his vast career included work as an author, director, and photographer.

Many of his celebrity friends, colleagues, and admirers have voiced their sorrow at his passing. Some of their comments have been collected in an article on the Toronto Star website.


Why Chris Pratt Shouldn’t Play Indiana Jones

Chris Pratt really is an amazing actor with a remarkable range. He’s been a lovable, good-hearted moron on Parks and Rec for seven seasons; a memorable dick in Wanted; a full-on action-comedy hero with heart in Guardians of the Galaxy; a battle-hardened soldier in Zero Dark Thirty; and a ball player in Moneyball. Action, comedy, and straight drama are no problem for this guy. If you need any more proof that his career has skyrocketed over the last few years, the fact that Steven Spielberg is reportedly considering him as the new Indiana Jones should convince you.

I have no doubt he’d be a good Indy, but this is one franchise that really should be LEFT ALONE. The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull proved two things: Harrison Ford can still carry the role (seriously, he had some great sequences, they made good use of his age, and some parts of the film were still solid), and aliens/refrigerators have no place in Indy’s world.

Dude, the debate out there about this Indy thing is intense!

Dude, the debate out there about this Indy thing is intense!

Right now, Pratt has a successful “original” franchise with Guardians (sure, it’s an adaptation of a comic, but it hasn’t been done on screen before, and it wasn’t even a hugely popular comic), and with any luck, Jurassic World will be a successful continuation of that franchise and will keep the door open for more entries. I’m sure he has no shortage of other offers on the table, either.

If he wants to get in on another franchise (can’t blame him for that), I think he’d make a GREAT Nathan Drake in the upcoming Uncharted movie. Much like Indy, Continue reading

The 2015 Oscars, hosted by Neil Patrick Harris

2015 Oscars: What was Neil Patrick Harris’s best joke?

Last night’s Oscars had some surprises, most of which involved one-liners from Neil Patrick Harris. I think we can agree that all of them were funnier than his “Oscar predictions” bit that he hyped all night without delivering a worthwhile payoff. But that still leaves a few worthy contenders for best zinger of the night.

With that, I invite you to vote in DVD Commentary’s first ever poll!

Or is THIS Wingard and Barrett’s Next Project?

A recent article by Katie Rife with the A.V. Club, from just a few weeks ago actually, makes a nice companion piece to the one mentioned in my last post. It seems that David Wingard and Simon Barrett’s next project may not be a remake of the South Korean film I Saw the Devil after all. Instead, the duo behind You’re Next and The Guest are apparently focusing on an original project called The Woods. Click the link above to check out the original article for more details.

Whatever Wingard and Barrett end up making next, the odds are good that I’ll watch it!

Is this Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett’s Next Project?

If you’re like me and thoroughly enjoyed The Guest and You’re Next, you’re probably wondering what’s next for director Adam Wingard and his frequent collaborator Simon Barrett. Well, I did a bit of surfing and found some news in a September 2014 article by Jeff Sneider over at The Wrap.

Seems like they might have their eyes on a remake of the South Korean horror film I Saw the Devil. The other day I noticed the original is available on Netflix Canada. Might have to give it a watch.

Click on the link above to check out the original article for more details!

Dan Stevens in Adam Wingard's 'The Guest,' written by Simon Barrett

‘The Guest’ Shouldn’t Be Sent Packing (Part 2)

Last time we heard what director Adam Wingard and writer Simon Barrett had to say about the influences behind their 2014 cult hit, The Guest. One of the key influences was John Carpenter’s original Halloween (1978), but “inverted.” David (Dan Stevens) takes the maniac’s role, with the twist that “Michael Myers, instead of being the faceless shape that’s watching you from a distance, [is] the beautiful friend right inside your house…” (01:10:00).

However, like Laurel without Hardy, Abbott without Costello, or Riggs without Murtaugh, the Michael Myers character is incomplete without his other half. “To really make that [dynamic] work, you have a Dr. Loomis character hunting him down,” they explain. “That’s what Lance [Reddick], as Major Carver, is” (01:10:00). Continue reading

Neill Blomkamp Sights ‘Aliens’

Some exciting news from Silas Lesnick over at!

Looks like there’s a new Alien movie in the works! Not Prometheus (although one of those is also on the way), not Alien vs. Predator, just a plain, straight up Alien sequel! Some people might be a little skeptical about it, but with Neill Blomkamp (District 9) directing and Sigourney Weaver apparently interested in returning as Ripley, I’m very optimistic.

Check out the original article for some great concept art.