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‘Frailty’ Writer Brent Hanley’s DVD Commentary Quite Strong

(I doubt people would read a review of the commentary before seeing the movie itself, but just in case…. SPOILER ALERT!!)

Much stronger than its title suggests, Frailty features a strong cast and a story that slowly coils around viewers before squeezing the breath out of them with a twist ending that ranks with The Sixth Sense and The Usual Suspects. With the slew of similar films that have come out since its release, first-time viewers may not get quite as wrapped up in it, but its blend of crime, religion, and Southern Gothic horror still leaves a unique impression.

Writer Brent Hanley’s commentary is one of three offered on the DVD (the others being a production commentary with editor Arnold Glassman, composer Bryan Tyler, and producer David Kirschner, and a director commentary by Bill Paxton) and it complements an interview with Hanley posted at DVDtalk.com. A commentary dedicated to the writer is rare and seemed worth checking out in light of the film’s well-constructed story. Continue reading