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Wolverine One Last Time

Everyone Makes Mistakes…But They’re Still Funny

I’m a loyal reader of ComingSoon.net. Really. I check them out at least once a day for any updates on movie news. That’s more often than I check the weather or the stock market. Hell, some days, that’s more often than I check my watch.

They’re good at what they do, and their output is about a ga-jillion times higher than my little low-quantity (But high-quality! Right? Right?!) blog, which makes the fact that they so rarely make mistakes that much more impressive.

But it also makes it that much more surprising when they do. And in this case, it’s a bit funny, too.

Earlier today, Silas Lesnick, writing for ComingSoon.net, posted an article about Hugh Jackman’s teaser art for his final outing as Wolverine, and Jackman’s call out to fans asking what they’d like to see in his last film as the perpetually pissed-off X-Man. It was a well-written article, but it contained one glaring error:

“To be directed by James Mangold (who, in addition to helming The Wolverine, worked with Jackman on 3:10 to Yuma), the new film is penned by┬áDavid James Kelly.”

Did you know Hugh Jackman was in "3:10 to Yuma"? That's because he wasn't.

Did you know Hugh Jackman was in “3:10 to Yuma”? That’s because he wasn’t.


I’ve got enough trust in ComingSoon.Net that I actually wondered whether I’d seen 3:10 to Yuma twice (once within the last year) and completely missed Hugh Jackman’s presence, so I looked it up at IMDB.com just to be sure. I’ve been wrong before (just ask my high school chemistry teacher), but not this time!

James Mangold did work with Jackman on one film aside from 2013’s The Wolverine, but it wasn’t 3:10 to Yuma, which starred Christian Bale and Russell Crowe–it was 2001’s Kate & Leopold, in which Jackman plays a 19th-century duke who accidentally time travels to 21st-century New York City.

Clearly, these movies are too different–and Lesnick is too good at his job–for this to be a simple case of confusion. I actually think he owed Jackman a favour, and was trying to attribute a better movie to him.

Or maybe Lesnick is doing his part to move Hollywood out of its current remake phase and usher in the age of mash-ups. 3:10 to Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters…I think I’d see that, especially if Hollywood promises to stop rebooting Spider-Man every five years.


Why Chris Pratt Shouldn’t Play Indiana Jones

Chris Pratt really is an amazing actor with a remarkable range. He’s been a lovable, good-hearted moron on Parks and Rec for seven seasons; a memorable dick in Wanted; a full-on action-comedy hero with heart in Guardians of the Galaxy; a battle-hardened soldier in Zero Dark Thirty; and a ball player in Moneyball. Action, comedy, and straight drama are no problem for this guy. If you need any more proof that his career has skyrocketed over the last few years, the fact that Steven Spielberg is reportedly considering him as the new Indiana Jones should convince you.

I have no doubt he’d be a good Indy, but this is one franchise that really should be LEFT ALONE. The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull proved two things: Harrison Ford can still carry the role (seriously, he had some great sequences, they made good use of his age, and some parts of the film were still solid), and aliens/refrigerators have no place in Indy’s world.

Dude, the debate out there about this Indy thing is intense!

Dude, the debate out there about this Indy thing is intense!

Right now, Pratt has a successful “original” franchise with Guardians (sure, it’s an adaptation of a comic, but it hasn’t been done on screen before, and it wasn’t even a hugely popular comic), and with any luck, Jurassic World will be a successful continuation of that franchise and will keep the door open for more entries. I’m sure he has no shortage of other offers on the table, either.

If he wants to get in on another franchise (can’t blame him for that), I think he’d make a GREAT Nathan Drake in the upcoming Uncharted movie. Much like Indy, Continue reading

Neill Blomkamp Sights ‘Aliens’

Some exciting news from Silas Lesnick over at Comingsoon.net!

Looks like there’s a new Alien movie in the works! Not Prometheus (although one of those is also on the way), not Alien vs. Predator, just a plain, straight up Alien sequel! Some people might be a little skeptical about it, but with Neill Blomkamp (District 9) directing and Sigourney Weaver apparently interested in returning as Ripley, I’m very optimistic.

Check out the original article for some great concept art.