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The Blair Witch Project

Lost in the Woods: ‘The Blair Witch Project’ DVD Commentary Never Finds Itself

(Spoiler alert! Although I doubt people would read a review of the commentary before seeing the movie itself, but just in case….)

Odds are that you closed your eyes at some point during The Blair Witch Project, the only question is whether it was from fear, shaky-cam induced nausea, or both. Either way, people opened their wallets to see as much of co-writers/directors Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez’s indie horror film as they could stomach, turning it into one of the surprise hits of 1999.

Although the shaky camerawork produced by hand-held cameras had a long history by the time The Blair Witch Project was released, its use in the context of an extremely low-budget horror mockumentary was perhaps unique. Its success attracted a lot of attention in the film industry, and the stylistic influences of recent films such as Cloverfield, Paranormal Activity, Chronicle, and District 9 can be traced back to The Blair Witch.

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