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How a TV Series Can Lead to a Series of Relationship Issues

There is a lot of good TV these days: Breaking Bad, Sherlock, Orphan Black, House of Cards, The Blacklist, as well as returning event series like The X-Files, 24, Heroes, and Twin Peaks, just to name a few. Whether you binge-watch or ration them out, they present couples with dozens of hours couch-based, cuddle-inducing entertainment–especially in this never-ending winter. But each episode can also turn Netflix or your DVR into a relationship-shattering improvised explosive device.

If you start watching a series with your significant other, then watch an episode behind their back, it can cause trust-based arguments in the same ballpark as cheating. Seriously. This is an increasingly common issue that therapists hear about in couples’ counseling, according to an article in The Toronto Star. Check out the original article by Rebecca Eckler to find out why you should pull the plug on the urge to do any watching on the side, or risk canceling your relationship.

What do you think? Does it cause problems when your partner watches something without you? Why do you think that is? What particular shows are important in your relationship? Leave some comments below and let us know!

The X-Files logo

The X-Files Are Back!

David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, and Chris Carter are re-opening The X-Files with a six-episode series that will start filming this summer! Personally, I hope Robert Patrick (Agent John Doggett) gets some screen time, too. He was a good character, but had the unenviable task of filling the Mulder-shaped hole in our hearts when Duchovny left the show in its final seasons.

Check out the article at ComingSoon.Net for official statements from Fox execs.

Joss Whedon’s Wisdom: ‘The Body’ Laid Bare (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, S5E16)

(Major spoiler alert!)

Written and directed by Joss Whedon, ‘The Body’ in season five is probably the most heart-wrenching of Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s 144 episodes. Although Buffy’s mom, Joyce, rarely played a central role in the series, actress Kristine Sutherland always made her presence felt. As a single mother, she was a key figure in Buffy’s life. She welcomed the whole Scoobie Gang into her home, eventually becoming somewhat of a motherly figure to them all. She came to accept her daughter’s very unique role as slayer, despite all the complications it presented. But she also had a life, and troubles, of her own. She struggles to make her art gallery a success. Her relationships with men included evil android Ted (John Ritter), and an occult-induced roll in the hay (or on the hood, at least) with Giles. She developed some serious health issues. And her daughter–and, later, daughters–definitely threw her some curveballs. As Whedon says in his commentary for the first-ever Buffy episode, ‘Welcome to the Helmouth’, Joyce was searching for something in her own life. Like so many others, she was still searching when she died suddenly in season five, and fans felt the blow of a life cut short. Continue reading